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  • Mitch William

Bercow Speaks!

The Speaker has spoken!

John Bercow has stated, that if the PM's BREXIT deal, comes back to a third parliamentary vote without substantial change, it will be in breech of parliamentary rules!

The Remain Camp will be reaching for the wine! They want this deal to fail, its the only way a lengthy extension can take place with the prospect of a 2nd vote within the time frame.

However, Leavers also want the deal to fail, but they're now looking like they'd accept a bad deal over risking BREXIT!

This will not be popular! But, perhaps we should have a 2nd referendum... No Deal or Remain! The result would be in similar proximity. But, the question settled forever?

On the other hand, our Politicians are an embarrassment to the nation and have made us the rabble of the world, perhaps its time for each one of them to resign, make way for new candidates and give democracy a fresh start?

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