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  • Mitch William

Bending Traditions for the FEW?

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

40 English Schools, have recently banned girls from wearing skirts! They have opted for a more inclusive gender neutral uniformity due to the rise in transgender pupils.

We can't ban an entire group of people from wearing skirts (which is quite traditional) for a tiny minority of boys who want to wear skirts and girls who want to wear trousers.

I believe in equality, I believe in tolerance and acceptance. But, I don't believe in bending over backwards altering harmless traditions to suit a tiny minority.

We shouldn't be banning things in the name of inclusion!

Where does it stop?

Slowly but surely, the rights of minorities are eroding the rights of the majority!

Some activists don't like the English Flag, will it be changed to suit them?

The UK as a Nation can't continue down this path. If the British don't stand up and engage common sense, British traditions maybe lost forever and the UK will have a false manufactured culture imposed upon it!

We need equal rights for the majority, what ever happened to the "stiff upper lip?"

Mitch William...


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