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  • Mitch William

Beijing Boycott

Friday 4th of February, the Beijing Winter Olympics of 2022 kick off. However, diplomatic representative's from the 5 Eyes Alliance won't be in attendance.

The 5 Eyes Alliance comprises the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. New Zealand cited that the reason they aren't sending any representation is due to the ongoing situation.

However, the others made it clear, that their boycott is due to the alleged human rights abuses taking place in China.

China is a superpower and it's here to stay. Is it worth another cold war, dialogue and engagement is the only path, or is that path now too flooded?

It's interesting to see, that the US alliance of choice is the 5 Eyes and not NATO. I wonder what's next for the 5 Eyes as the world turns another page while China grows stronger and the US struggles to maintain singular hegemony.

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