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  • Mitch William

Bammy Lammy

Labour are so far gone, its not even funny anymore!

Corbyn, seemingly hating our allies and befriending our enemies, John McDonnell quoting Chairman Mao... I wouldn't even know where to start with Diane Abbott, shes an embarrassment to democracy and is the pinnacle of what is wrong with British politics!

Now, David Lammy... The over dramatic, remainiac despot!

Bammy Lammy, is now comparing BREXITEERS to NAZI's. He unleashed a tirade of bile upon Andrew Marr, stirring up hate in the heads of the feeble!

He even said, that his statement wasn't strong enough, when comparing Jacob Rees-Mogg and the ERG to Hilter and the NAZI's.

We can't compare BREXIT to World War 2 and if you do, your MENTAL!


Incompetence and a war of misinformation is dividing the nation, not the actual facts of the matter!

Would be Politicians, should take compulsory aptitude tests, before standing in elections with the hope of less disaster's ending up on green seats!


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