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  • Mitch William

Autonomous Vehicles 2021

The UK is bidding to introduce autonomous vehicles to British roads by 2021!

Currently, there are pilot schemes involving public transport in Bristol, Coventry, Greenwich and Milton Keynes.

Soon to be Edinburgh and Addison Lee Cabs of London. Initially, if you're not paying much attention, you won't notice you're aboard the auto-pilot public transport as there'll be a driver present...

Hhhhhmmmmm, ok... Doe's that mean they are still being tested?

What doe's this mean for the future?

Are normal people going be priced out of the transport market? Are Bus drivers all inevitably doomed to redundancy? Will manual cars cease to exist?

Personally, I like driving! I don't want an Auto-Car!

This subject is not being talked about or challenged at all, which is a scary concept! One day, it's just going to happen and most people will be baffled!

Its maybe time to ignite the debate?

#SaveTheBusDrivers Join The Debate!

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