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Arrest, Detain, Deport

Almost 600 hundred migrants made it ashore over a 4 day period. I'm not sure what the Government strategy is... Whatever it is, it's clearly FAILING!

We must recognise and acknowledge, that a mass influx of illegal migrants, whom do not share our cultural values, could be DANGEROUS!

Most illegal migrants are fighting aged males, and we know nothing about them, some of them could be harbouring sinister motives. The last thing we should be doing, is allowing them to roam freely up and down the country whilst living in up market hotels.

The Royal Marines should be patrolling the English Channel in conjunction with the Royal Navy, with the aim of forcing all boats back to France. And for the ones that slip through the net, the British Army should be ready and waiting on the shores, in order to ARREST, DETAIN and DEPORT!

It's high time, this was taken seriously, weakness is always exploited, decisive action must be taken, it's the only way to deter future crossings.

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