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  • Mitch William

Are you keeping up with the Cold War?

Covid - 19 is dominating our minds and our headlines. Arguably, this is the greatest crisis since World War 2. Because of this, most people seem to have moved on from BREXIT and seem to miss other major global issues, that may well shape the post pandemic world.

For some time now, the USA has been engaged in a Trade War with China. There has been a change of President, but the tension won't fizzle out anytime soon!

Australia was brave enough to call out the Chinese Communist Party on Covid - 19. In response, China whacked 200% tariffs on Australian products in an attempt to silence them through economic strangulation.

In Canada, a Huawei Chief Financial Officer was arrested due to a US extradition request. China responded by detaining 2 Canadians citizens on spy charges.

And the United Kingdom, along with Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United States of America are all united in their dismay at the new security law being imposed on the city of Hong Kong by Beijing.

The Five Eyes, a security alliance consisting of the USA, UK, Australia, Canada and New Zealand have been coordinating their response to China on all of the above issues and probably even more.

Relations between China and the Five are icy cold, the question is, is China the new Soviet Union, a credible threat to the west? And if so, can the Five Eyes, NATO and the EU counter it effectively?

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