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  • Mitch William

Play The Game

Let's hope everyone adheres to last evenings Government advice.

We're only permitted outdoors, to go shopping, pick up med's and work, that's if, you still have a job to go to?

The Government look like they're on top of this, so best to play the game!

However, if they'd just taken drastic action from the beginning, ie banning all flights from infected areas and testing all new arrivals, we wouldn't be in the crushing position, we find ourselves in at present!

If people don't play ball. Which after a week or so, possibly around the 10 day mark, the Police won't be able to do anything. This pandemic may well get worse and the Infantry may be required to support the Police.

Interesting times...

Best thing for all to do, is chill out and wait for this to pass us by!

Good Luck People!

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