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Are Russia and China playing with the West?

Are Russia and China playing with the West?

Russia took the Crimea with little response from NATO and ever since 2014, there has been a War in the Donbas region of Ukraine. China has her eyes on Taiwan, after all it is widely publicised that seizing Taiwan is the Peoples Liberation Armies primary goal.

US commanders have warned that a Chinese Invasion of Taiwan is plausible within the next 6 years. On the other foot, Russia is amassing troops on the Eastern Ukrainian border.

Is there a game plan? Perhaps China is too keep Western Navies busy in the South China Sea as Russia holds the attention of ground forces in Europe. Russia and China are military allies and do collaborate to the extent of holding joint exercise's.

Are we about to witness a simultaneous coordinated strike on both Taiwan and Ukraine? If this was to occur, it will have world changing consequences for all. Does NATO and her allies defend both, in which case, would automatically spark a World War or does NATO stand by and watch?

The result of the latter would weaken Western credibility and dominance, and it would turn the current Cold War into a Permafrost.

The fact of the matter is, it is entirely possible that Russia and China are game planning against NATO and whatever the outcome. It won't be nice.

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