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The Australia - New Zealand Closer Economic Relations Trade Agreement (known as ANZCERTA or the CER Agreement) is one of the most comprehensive bilateral free trade agreements in existence. It covers substantially all trans-Tasman trade in goods, including agricultural products, and was the first to include free trade in services.

At the moment, the UK seems to be negotiating with Australia and New Zealand individually.

It would make more sense for the UK, to negotiate terms of UK membership of ANZCERTA. That way, we'd be well on the way to creating a Commonwealth block.

The UK and Canada already share diplomatic missions together, if the UK were to join ANZCERTA, Canada could follow. Thus, leading to a Canzuk Alliance. A multi-lateral organisation, whom shares a Head of State.

Now, no one wants an EU 2.0 or even an Empire 2.0, and thankfully no one is proposing it.

But, what we could have, is Free Trade, Enhanced Defence Cooperation, Joint Space Agency and a Joint Foreign Policy Office with shared embassies.

These 4 nations, can work together on the world stage, collectively enhancing each other.

At the same time, retaining national currencies, sovereignty and everything else. It would be an alliance, an alliance that would have a nuclear umbrella and could command its own permanent seat at the UN Security Council.

The time is now, or it's never. BREXIT presents us with GREAT opportunities, we must grasp them with two hands and hold on.

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