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Anything & everything is RACIST!

Is this country going off its head?

For a Halloween party, a London man dressed as Jules Winnfield from the 1994 classic, Pulp Fiction. While he was travelling on the Underground to his party, people accused him of racism due to his blacked up face paint!

...Funnily enough, Samuel L. Jackson is black!

How can you go to a Halloween Party dressed as a black man with a white face?

It wouldn't work, you'd look daft and nobody would understand your costume!

Imitation is the highest form of flattery. Therefore, black people should celebrate the idea, that some white people think they're cool enough to dress up as!

It shouldn't be deemed as racist to dress up as a character you like, from a movie you love! Snowflakes can't just decide the poor guy's intent, then argue over his explanation!

This Politically Correct Culture which is formulating around the millennial generation is offence driven for anything & everything!

It's an abysmal circumstance for any society to find itself in... The eternally offended are cultural liabilities, they're a threat to our freedom of expression!

Commonsense has been on holiday long enough, we need it BACK!

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