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  • Mitch William

Anglo-phobia EXISTS!

Updated: Aug 11, 2018

All we hear about is Islamophobia. How the UK is tolerant and how the hate speech Police are coming for you! But, what about the blatant Anglo-phobia we're experiencing as a direct result of immigration?

I'd defend the right of people from all over the world to be welcomed in the UK. But, what about the groups we've welcomed who are blatantly rejecting British Cultural Values?

Anglo-phobia must be CRUSHED!

The group shown in the video are FASCIST Islamist's and Anglo-Phobic! They're actively working against British and Western Values. Dare to criticize and many will brand you Islamophobic and racist!

They should be criminalized and if possible deported!

Major cultural differences between Islam and the West exist. This should be manageable providing the differences are respected and an attempt at integration is underway. When integration fails and becomes segregation, problems begin to arise! #WhenInRome

Should minorities dictate the direction of a Nation?

The UK Muslim population is forecast to rocket to almost 13 million by 2050. These growing numbers will lead to political power! Many among their ranks will be Anglo-phobic and have no desire to integrate! Their ultimate goal being the abolition of the UK state as we know it and the implementation of the Sharia!

State sponsored multiculturalism is doomed! Forecast for the next 50 years #CivilUnrest

Mitch William...

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