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  • Mitch William

An Optimistic Future?

As the UK seems to be at logger heads over BREXIT. The Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson is focused on projecting power around the globe!

New military base's in Bahrain, The Caribbean and South East Asia!

So why all the negativity from the bulk of our barely employable MP's?

Lets be honest, the UK usually voted against new EU legislation, only to be out voted by the rest, which meant we were forced to implement laws that went against our way of thinking!

How great would it be if we left with no deal and forged a bilateral free trade agreement with the EU, then the USA, China and India. Concurrent to that, we could focus on building a close alliance between the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand with the aim of having an economic & security partnership with the wider Commonwealth Realms!

And while all that was happening we could be working on a Commonwealth Free Trade Area and really turn the Commonwealth into a power block!

The EU is a nice idea. But, it restricted us from the world!

There's so many opportunities out there for the UK, perhaps British zenith has yet to come?

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