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ALBA: Alex Salmond

Alex Salmond launched his new independence party yesterday, The Alba Party. He wants flags flying in the wind and is hoping to create a super majority for independence within the Scottish Parliament.

The party hopes to field 4 candidates in each of the 8 Scottish electoral list regions. This can go one of three ways. Salmond is crushed and pushed into relative political obscurity and has no impact whatsoever.

However, he may do well. But, not well enough. If he manages to scrape up to 5% off the SNP in each region, he may well cripple the SNP regional vote and allow other parties in.

On the other hand, he may get 8 or more people elected. In this case, he would be able to hold the SNP hostage and wield power over them if they relied upon him for a majority.

Interesting times. Perhaps the big three unionist parties should have listened to George Galloway and created an alliance capable of defeating the SNP. However, the Indy Brigade may well tear themselves to pieces, if not during this election certainly over the next 5 years and in to the next.

Independence is a crazy idea. Because it would not mean independence, it would mean being ejected from NATO, possible membership of the European Union, thus subordinating ourselves to the Franco - German Empire. As far as I'm concerned, the English, Welsh, Irish and Scots are family, and nothing can ever change that.

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