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  • Mitch William

Afghanistan has fallen

Remember why NATO invaded Afghanistan?

It was because the country were harbouring Osama Bin Laden, the alleged 9/11 mastermind, planner and funder. The Taliban would not give their guest up, due to their Islamic customs.

Therefore, an invasion ensued. The Taliban were ousted and Bin Laden was eventually tracked down in Pakistan. The past 20 years has been about nation building. Turning Afghan into a western style democracy with all the freedoms that come with it.

Was it all worth it?

20 years work, countless British lives, all for nothing. City after city the Taliban have conquered back. Now they're in the capital city of Kabul, and the President has fled the country.

Game Over!

Our nation building and regime change has been reset.

As a policy (regime change), should be scrapped for future missions. It clearly doesn't work long term unless we (the west) oversee it.

Instead of regime change and nation building. We (NATO) should have invaded, defeated, and captured the Leadership. Afterwards, allowing a transfer of power from within the already existing structures of Government. At that point, we (NATO) leave, we have won and the newly promoted leaders will know the score.

Iraq is a failure. Afghanistan is a failure. I hope western leadership is now learning valuable lessons.


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