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  • Mitch William

AFGHAN: 20,000 Refugees is a bad idea

Bringing 20 thousand Afghan refugee's to the UK is a mistake. In my view, they should be fighting for their country rather than running away.

I've been to Afghanistan, and I've met lot's and lot's of Afghans who were beyond culturally incompatible with British values.

Afghanistan is a mess right now. However, if the Government were not so useless and the Army actually fought a good fight. Perhaps, it wouldn't be in such a mess. In 2010, troops in an Afghan Army checkpoint, all fell asleep during the night with no watch, the result, they were all dismembered and their body parts scattered down a main road for all to see.

I hate to agree with Joe Biden, but if NATO forces withdrew 5 years ago, this probably would have happened and if we'd stayed for another 15 years we would witness the same result.

It's all about the Taliban Buddy. Most Afghan Police and Soldiers will have family in the Taliban. When the chips are down, that's their way of surviving and joining the wining side.

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