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  • Mitch William

Abolish the House of Lords

It's 2021, this is the United Kingdom. Why do we still have an unelected upper house? The idea of appointed Lords keeping the plebs in check is outdated and farcical. I wonder what percentage of the public understand the demeaning nature of our unelected, past it's sell by date, upper house that is the Lords?

BREXIT has been the biggest test of UK unity. The integrity of the Union has been, and is being questioned. Politicians put on a decent show of rhetoric. However, the substance is always lacking, the action always void.

The appointed peer system can't last forever. This is the perfect time to kick it. The House of Lords should be reformed into an elected Senate of equal representation from the the 4 corners of the United Kingdom. This approach would level up the populous imbalance. Each part of the UK would have equal voting rights within the Lords. Similar to that of the US Senate.

If something is broken, it must be fixed, failure to fix it, will allow cracks and dissent to flow freely. The time to reform the House of Lords is NOW!

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