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  • Mitch William

Abolish the BBC License Fee?

Approximately £147 per year. You have to pay it, I have to pay it, everyone has to pay it! It's an offence not to pay it!

The BBC could and should be funded by means other than forcing the people to pay for a loathed and unwanted propaganda machine.

The license fee is an unsustainable policy, its lost popular support, it must go!

The Left and Right of Politics fail to agree on most things. But, most are united in their distrust and disdain for the BBC.

Most people see it as biased and don't consider the money well spent!

The BBC looks and sounds like a state owned broadcaster, no different from RT or Press TV. The beeb attempts to portray itself as impartial. But, is it?... I'll let you decide on that!

The Licence Fee is as outdated as the Poll Tax. People are tired of paying for a service that doesn't represent their views. Its time to move on, it must unravel and go!

Mitch William...


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