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  • Mitch William

A Small Army with Superpower Commitment!

There is to be an investigation, into why 8 thousand troops have handed in there notice over the past year!

After the recent redundancies, the Army struggled to recruit. Hence, the Army is now smaller than planned.

A small well trained professional Army with a superpower commitment...

This is maybe one reason, for the huge amount of sign offs, over worked troops with less and less time off?

The Soldiers of today are smarter and very aware of the world around them, more so, than ever before, they should be treated as such.

The lower ranks should not be held in constant contempt!

Silly rules and trivial punishments over and over are enough to make a Soldier walk out. The Army need to take a step into the big boy world. Give the troops enough rope to hang themselves and if they do, then its discipline time!

How good would it be, if we had an Army where Pte Soldiers were deemed responsible enough to clean their own weapon without having it checked?

Perhaps an Army where saluting was reserved for first and last parades?

An Army, where real world education was a focus, in order for troops to prepare for their future beyond the military?

A lot of Pte Soldiers, see the Army as a dead end job, that has to change!

I'd abolish the class system, that is direct entry officers. But, perhaps that's an argument for another day?

I don't want to turn the Army into the Snowflake Brigade!

I want Basic Training to be old school. I want Battalion life to be enjoyable!

I want the British Army to train responsibility and respect into every Soldier! I want a Big Boy Army, not an Army where Pte Soldiers are deemed irresponsible. They are the enforcers, they are the Army!

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