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A Royal Nightmare

The Monarchy has been experiencing the wrong type of media attention of late.

Prince Andrew and the billionaire sex offender, did nothing to bolster the image of the crown. His recent interview, showed the public, how out of touch and arrogant he actually is.

Now, it's the Harry and Meghan show!

The free thinking, progressive, climate change fighting, jet setting couple.

Harry once was, the wild child of the Royals, the latest instalment of Princess Margaret to the House of Windsor.

Resigning from senior Royal positions, should mean being stripped of Royal titles. Their pursuits could be perceived, to be in the name of the Crown. But, if the crown can't control their actions, it could all go terribly wrong.

If the couple are happy to enter the realm of reality. Let them, but they must do it properly and return to Mr and Mrs.

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