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Updated: Dec 28, 2017

The UK Government are an embarrassment!!!

Playing Russian roulette with the integrity of the United Kingdom has become something of a bad habit for the Tories. First, they call a referendum on Scottish independence. Then after the EU referendum Ruth Davidson asks the PM not to block Sturgeon’s demand for a second Independence Referendum.

And now May offers up Northern Ireland as part of a ‘special deal’ to the EU, effectively handing Northern Ireland over to Brussels without consulting the DUP or taking into account the potential consequences for the wider UK.

The UK Government refused to entertain the prospect of Scotland and London receiving a 'special deal' and the DUP reject the prospect of a 'special deal' for Northern Ireland?


Northern Ireland has been offered some sort of special status and the DUP have immediately refused it!

Scotland and London have been begging for some sort of special status for a year now and were always told it was “practically impossible”.

Is the UK Government run by the intellectually bankrupt?

They have almost demonstrated that it maybe practically possible for some sort of special status for regions within the UK.

Ok, Northern Ireland is unique within this context, but…The Scots Nats are now going to pursue this case and use it as a template for Independence.

Is BREXIT worth the breakup of the UK?


Should we have a 2nd Referendum, probably not.

What are we going to do?

The UK Government should focus on what is acceptable to Northern Ireland over what is acceptable to the EU, we cannot differentiate from the Republic and the EU as they are one.

Leave an open Border on the island of Ireland, Issue US Style Green Cards to all Foreign Nationals residing in the UK. This will not prevent a spill over the Border. But, if theses cards were compulsory for work and travel, then any border spill would be pointless and any EU National finding themselves on the wrong side of the Border would soon think twice.

If this were to be the case, when the Northern Irish Police Caught Illegals, they should have powers to deport them to their country of origin.

This would stop any border spill.

The lack of Border is symbolic, it must be respected!!!

Politicians are the least qualified people to run the country sometimes!


Mitch William and David Wallace...


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