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  • Mitch William

A New Era of Global Britain

Who said BREXIT was going to be bad?

The deal is done. The UK - EU partnership agreement has been widely accepted. It may not be perfect. But, what is? The United Kingdom is now on the path to becoming a Global Free Trading Powerhouse.

Now, the UK must focus on the application to join the Trans - Pacific Partnership (TPP) in the new year. The TPP accounted for 13% of global economic output in 2018. The UK would bolster that to 16%.

Membership of the TTP could be the vehicle to further the CANZUK (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK) proposals. CANZUK could become an alliance within the partnership?

We have a deal with the EU, membership of the TTP looks certain, the possibility of a deal with the USA, either bilateral or through the TTP (If Joe Biden re-commits the USA).

The United Kingdom, is at the heart of the Commonwealth of Nations, the 2nd most powerful NATO member, holds a permanent seat at the UN. Global Britain is on the march and will once again be at the centre of world. Although, this time not through Empire. But through partnerships and alliances.

Even if you voted remain, you must admit, BREXIT looks exciting?

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