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A New Cold War Looms

Relations with China were looking good, it was even said, that we were about to enter "a new golden age" of trade with China. Huawei was set to be involved in the UK 5G network, Chinese companies are involved in Nuclear power station development and a post-brexit Free Trade Agreement was on the cards.

Then... Covid-19 was sprung upon us, which shown a light on the murky secret dictatorship that is China and public/world opinion began to falter.

Another huge concern is the autonomy of Hong Kong. Is the 1 state 2 systems agreement run it's course? Firstly, the Hong Kong Government tried to pass extradition legislation that would allow Hong Kongers to be extradited to China. This sparked furious protests and riots across the city. Now, China want's to impose a security law on the city.

The people of Hong Kong, are not happy. I suppose they feel more European than Chinese and the new law could limit things such as press freedoms.

Boris Johnson has pledged to allow nearly three million Hong Kong citizens the right to live and work indefinitely in the UK, with a route to full citizenship, if China imposes the controversial new national security law on the city.

Is this possible?

Where would they go and how would they get here?

Would the UK build 2 new cities, 1 in Northern Ireland and 1 in Scotland, or would we build a mega city to house the 3 million people that might come?

If it were possible and it did happen, this would certainly sour relations with China and they would deem us an enemy.

Scary stuff?

However, that said, I think we should help the people of Hong kong in any way shape or form. UK membership of NATO, puts us in a position. to be able to stand up to Chinese aggression and interference.

As a new cold war looms, this time, it's NATO vs China...

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