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  • Mitch William

A Done Deal?

The draft deal has arrived!

It's currently under scrutiny of Cabinet as The MayBot desperately seeks their approval...

I wonder how many resignations her Government will suffer before 1400hrs tomorrow?

Arch leavers are united in their contempt for the draft, remainers don't think it'll pass the house and the DUP are less than pleased!

An emergency EU summit will seal the deal by the end of November and Parliament are to be given a meaningful vote on the text before Christmas.

To put things into perspective, the DUP are not happy and Labour aren't convinced. Has this deal got any chance of passing a meaningful vote?

Is Tony Blair right? It would be irritating if he is right! A painful or pointless BREXIT?

The Customs back stop has no actual end date. Therefore, it could drag on for 10 years! Which would leave the UK unable to forge an independent trade policy. The UK would also be subject to EU law, with no seat at the decision making table! #ColonyStatus

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