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  • Mitch William

Are you ready for IndyRef2?

Sturgeons conference speech... What an absolute farce.

Nicola Sturgeon: "I will never give up on Scottish Democracy"

Scotland had an Independence referendum in 2014. By default, Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP are trying to manipulate Scottish democracy.

Sturgeon is now encouraging her followers to go "out" and speak to people, to try and convince and win them over to the argument.

Her conference speech took aim at unionists, however with a soft friendly tone articulating her vision of great cooperation between Scotland, Ireland and the UK post Scottish independence. Referencing the aforementioned as "family".

Of course BREXIT, BREXIT, BREXIT was mentioned. An independent Scotland will not be independent, if it joins the European Union (or as I now call it, The Franco-German Empire). To say otherwise, is a lie. All I want to say about this is, the vast majority of Scottish trade is done with England and a hard border would be catastrophic.

And then there's the Nuclear Question?

In the past the SNP have stated that they would seek NATO membership and close the nuclear submarine base on the Clyde.

Due to the fact, that Faslane accommodates US Navy Submarines, as well as French and British Subs. The prospect of the UK based nuclear deterrent being removed from Scotland and Scotland simultaneously attaining NATO membership is a fallacy. It only takes one nation to veto a membership bid, in this case, there could be 2, maybe 3. Scotland would be forced to maintain the base or risk the real chance of no NATO protection.

The SNP's new soft approach of sinister gentle persuasion, with the promise of a great partnership with the "family" of these Isles is manipulation at its best. Personally, I think they're barmy and probably too ego stricken to interpret the global or even national situation.

We have a major war in Europe, coupled with the global cost of living crisis. I could not think of a worse time to rock the boat at home. They will leave Scotland open to exploitation from bad foreign actors and kill the economy with a hard border at Berwick Upon Tweed.

Could you imagine Russia taking the Shetlands, using a Passport to go to England/Scotland, supermarket's running empty north of the border and civil disorder on the streets of Edinburgh?

If they think BREXIT was bad, try untangling over 300 years of Union. The grass is never really greener on the other side, it may seem so initially. But then the thrill wears off. We're hearing far too many soundbites with no basis of fact to back them up, and comparisons of the Nordic states are becoming all too tedious.

With all that said... I can't handle listening to the SNP rattle on and on for the rest of my life.

Maybe they should be granted another vote?

If they win, let them deal with the repercussions when the Scots turn on them after finally awakening to the dreaded reality of the situation, probably after 2/3 years. On the other hand, if they lose, pass a law stating the question is settled and that there is to be no more debate or referenda for 100 years.


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