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£50 Return, Edinburgh to London

The East Coast mainline is set to come under Government control after Virgin Trains and Stagecoach pull out of their contract due to lose's of up to £200 Million.

The Bus from Edinburgh to London is usually around the £35 - £40 mark.

Flying is almost as cheap as the Bus, albeit transport from your chosen Airport will be required, usually a short train journey at a cost, straight into London!

The Train... Who wants to travel by train to London or indeed anywhere?

Edinburgh to London trips can cost over £200 Return, OUTRAGEOUS!

The reason Virgin lost millions was perhaps caused by their own greed? The cheaper the ticket, the more people will use the service!

In an age of Ryanair and EasyJet it is no wonder that The East Coast Mainline is failing!

Trains are they most attractive form of transport to the traveler/commuter, no traffic, no check in!

Train prices should plummet with this temporary national take over as an experimental costing exercise!

£50 Return, Edinburgh to London, I would be on that train 2-3 times a month at that cost. However, at the moment I avoid trains like the plague due to excessive fairs!

EasyJet does just fine for now!

The main point being, the ticket prices are to high, people look at rail travel as a last resort because of the inflated fares. Reduce the fares dramatically and people will flock on trains every weekend!

Newcastle, York, London...

People would be up and down the country like nobody's business. Rail travel could explode into a money making menace and be available to the masses once again!

Edinburgh to London, £50 Return... or we stick with EasyJet and the greed will kill the Choo Choo!

Mitch William...


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