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  • Mitch William

4 Murders 5 days!

118 murders have been committed in London since January this year. The crime rate is mirroring New York...

Knife crime has become a menace and organised gang culture is on the increase!

Stop and search techniques used by Police are criticised for racial bias!

However, there are gangs, which are almost exclusively made up of ethnic minorities!

Can you blame the Police? They can't call off policing for fear of causing offence!

The law should treat gang members as terrorists. They terrorise the streets of people who want to lead a quiet life. Its an outrage! Its third world!

Any minor gang related activity should merit a 10 year prison sentence. A deterrent but, if provoked, would clean up the streets quick time!

My question is this, what's the problem, why is London transforming into a killing field?

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