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  • Mitch William

4 Eyes, Is Better Than 6!

The UK Government, seem hell bent on pressing ahead with contracting Huawei to build part of the UK's new 5G network. Huawei, offers a good service for an incredible price. The only catch is, the Chinese Government own a sizable chunk of the business.

Now, in a perfect world (I wish it was perfect) that wouldn't be a problem.

However, in the real world, we need to deal with things like espionage. The Chinese, along with every other nation in the world are at it, we're all at it!

The UK is a member of the 5 Eyes Intelligence Alliance. The 5 eyes consists of, the US, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Now, the 5 Eyes, especially the US, are suspicious of Huawei and have banned the company.

The fear is, that the company could infiltrate Government systems and intercept intelligence and military communications.

Ted Cruz (US Senator) recently told Nigel Farage that "4 eyes are better than 6" meaning that if the UK powers ahead with the Huawei contract, the US may be reluctant to continue the Special Relationship, as a partnership with Huawei, is just too risky.

The Huawei contract, could even impact the scope of a US-UK Trade Deal.

The UK is now in a position, where it's most important bilateral partner is screaming at it. The UK Government, should reconsider all the options available for the new 5G network and kindly decline the Huawei bid and look forward to working with China in other areas in the future.

As the BREXIT era looms upon us, we need as much partnerships and alliances as possible. I think, we need to build on existing relationships with old friends, not burning bridges with them!

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