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  • Mitch William

3rd time LUCKY?

Firstly, the initial vote on the May Deal was delayed due to impending defeat. Then the vote eventually came around and the Government got hammered by 230 votes, the 2nd vote was hammered by 149 votes!

Will it be 3rd time lucky?

Parliament have voted against No Deal and for an Extension of Article 50. They also overwhelmingly voted against a 2nd Referendum, only for the leader of the opposition to endorse a 2nd referendum shortly afterwards.

Don't be fooled by Parliaments political play game and voting intentions!

If indeed The May deal Passes a 3rd vote, we may extend until the 30th of June. If it fails, which I suspect it will by a narrower margin, our extension will be far greater and come with conditions.

May's deal has to fail. We either LEAVE or REMAIN. Leave meaning we have a bilateral relationship with the EU and Remain meaning, well we stay put. There shouldn't be a half way house that's detrimental to UK sovereignty.

The 2nd Referendum will come, if the deal fails and there's a lengthy extension of article 50.

To be honest, it looks like we'll be under the EU for some time yet. If there is a 2nd Referendum, the choice should be NO DEAL or REMAIN, thus eliminating any confusion as to what BREXIT we shall be having upon departure from the EU.

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