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  • Mitch William

39% of MP's need to get a grip!

61% of British MP's support closer relations with Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The worrying thing is, that the number is only 61%. What are the other 39% thinking?

The 39% do realise that we share a head of state with these countries, two of whom share our national flag to an extent. Theses nations are our closest brothers and sisters of the world, not cousins, literally brothers and sisters.

A CANZUK Alliance based on Free Trade, Freer Movement, Defense and Foreign Policy would be the 4th Superpower of the world. A collection of like minded nation states coming together to face global challenges as one.

So my question is, why is it only 61% of MP's, it should be 100%. There's support for this alliance all across these 4 nations, the most notably being Erin O' Toole, the Canadian Conservative leader, who may well be the next Canadian Prime Minister.

There is no better alliance than the prospect of CANZUK. What do you think, is this our future?

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