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  • Mitch William

£39 Billion? Come & Get It!

The EU are now telling the UK, that in the event of a No deal BREXIT, the £39 Billion divorce bill will still apply!

Yes, apparently it costs £39 Billion to leave the EU whatever the outcome.

There are only 4 net contributors to EU coffers. The UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands.

Everyone else gets more out than they pay in!

I say we don't need a deal and we certainly shouldn't be paying to leave!

Especially when we'll be expelled from all the running projects in which we have been key investors in over the years!

We should have been working on a bilateral free trade agreement that took effect from the 30th of March 2019.

All we've done is squandered time and money and now it looks like we could be extorted.

Put the Armed Forces on High Alert...

If they want the £39 Billion, they can come and get it!

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