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  • Mitch William

23rd June... BREXIT DAY!!!

23rd of June 2018, there were two marches in London. One march was the campaign for a 2nd referendum! Which apparently received the blessing of the mainstream media.

Almost every hour the mainstream media played speeches from the Pro 2nd Referendum march!

The other march was Pro-Brexit and #FreeTommy ... where I saw no mainstream media coverage at all!

Did you?

Perhaps the 2nd march didn't quite fit the mainstream narrative of brain washery?

The system is trying to make us forget about #FreeTommy and condition us to prepare for a 2nd EU referendum in order to lessen the shock of the inevitable!

The media and the political elite are singing off the same song sheet and when challenged... they attempt to destroy the agitators #Brexiteers

It's highly likely the system is gearing up for a 2nd referendum. The new question could be, New Deal or Stay!

The initial vote should be respected, as a democracy it must be respected. We cannot trust politicians who continually mislead their constituents and worsen the divide when they should be healing it!


The 23rd of June should be a day for promoting a unified vision for the future!

Working together as a collective is imperative! We cannot allow ourselves to be divided and then conquered through the process of article 50!

If we remain in the Single Market or Customs Union we will be conquered!

Its all about Sovereignty and the UK should be taking it back!

Mitch William...


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