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  • Mitch William

"21st Century Superpower"

Liam Fox has stated the UK could become a 21st Century Exporting Superpower. His initial goal is to raise UK exports from 30% to 35% of GDP. UK exports are at record levels already due to a weaker pound. But, the International Trade Secretary wants more!

Who said BREXIT was all doom and gloom?

The UK is the 5th largest economy in the world and on paper has the 5th strongest defense capability in the world. The UK is a Great Power and it could be more powerful!

The UK should focus on Commonwealth ties. Beginning with the CANZUK nations. Canada, Australia, New Zealand and of course the United Kingdom.

Post - Brexit, especially a no deal BREXIT will leave an urgency for new relationships quick time. Lets start with the old and bold, hopefully they will take us back?

Lets not plan another EU. Lets think Global Alliance. The Canzuk Alliance!

The UK will en-devour free trade deals with CANZUK. However, there is an offer of the UK and Canada joining the already thriving Australia - New Zealand Free Trade Area.

If a common market was formed out of CANZUK the UK could also be party to each of the countries existing free trade deals, they would become CANZUK deals.

CANZUK already has very close military ties. An exclusive CANZUK military pact harmonizing the Armed Forces would indeed make The Canzuk Alliance a superpower.

Free Trade and a Military Pact?

The Alliance could be run by the Heads of Government with a Monarch chairing the meetings and acting as a spokesperson. No expensive bureaucracy is needed! Just 4 friend's looking out for each other on the world stage.

BREXIT is exciting. Its not all catastrophic, there are opportunities. We must grab them!

Mitch William...

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