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  • Mitch William

2 Girls vs 4 Guys!

Lesbian couple in their 20's, assaulted by 4 guys on a bus!

Yes, 4 guys left 2 girls bloodied up on a bus, if I was one of those 4 guys, my Dad would destroy me, then my mother and sisters would disown me!

Name and Shame the animals responsible!

When did it become acceptable for 4 guys to fight 2 girls, I'm all for equal opportunities, but that's taking it a tad far!

Why were they attacked?

Because they wouldn't kiss on command for the boys, that is tragically outrageous!


Due to the gang ethic and the harm done to those girls, if these 4 delinquent animals don't get jail time, I fully expect there to be an up roar!


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