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  • Mitch William

19 October 2023?

The date is set... or is it? The Scottish Government cannot legislate for IndyRef2 without a Section 30 order from the UK Government. Therefor, their little scheme will go to the supreme court and be quashed.

But, that's what they want. They want to cause a fuss and spin it as if they're being trodden down upon by the evil empire. The bad thing is, they are good at it, their followers swallow it up and the feeble and too easily drawn in.

Lets just remind ourselves that 52% of Scottish households receive some form of benefit from the state. Yes, that's over half of households in Scotland.

And lets not forget the Barnet Formula:

An independent Scotland would be BENEFIT NATION and it would of course lose it's favourable place withing the Barnet Formula.

I struggle to see how Scotland would be better of going it alone and essentially betraying our British family. That said, the SNP want to join the EU. No EU nation is fully independent. The entire fiasco is a fallacy. Anyone who tells you different is either lying or has no prior knowledge to your discussion.

And of course

There is a major war in Europe, of which the UK has been the primary supporter of Ukraine. Essentially the world is in turmoil and Western Unity has never been so important in modern times.

Yet, the SNP want to destroy a 300 year old union. Decapitate NATO's second power and create huge instability in an all ready chaotic period.

A vote for so called 'independence' is a vote to leave NATO. Who is to say that Russia would not take the opportunity to quickly steal the Shetlands or and the Orkneys in order to achieve and exploit a strategic presence in the Euro - Atlantic Area?

In my view, we voted in 2014. Yes, things have changed. However, the SNP have never respected the result. They are an affront to democracy. I don't want to see Scotland burn for the selfish ambitions of a malicious few.


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