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100% Police Equipped with TASERS!

PC Andrew Harper died today, in the line of duty, 4 weeks after his marriage. The UK is becoming more violent, with cases of extreme violence on the rise everyday.

What is the cause, is it immigration? is it computer games? is it the lack of discipline?

After a brief conversation with a Police Officer, who is concerned about "creeping violence" and thinks there maybe a need for the Police to be "armed" in the future, I was left thinking!

Is it that bad, if so, how did it get that bad?

Perhaps, its got something to do with the cozy, snowflake agenda that the hardened can see through and readily exploit?

I don't think the Police should be armed with firearms, as that would cause escalation and make matters worse. However, that said, I do think every Police Officer should be armed with Tasers, this would greatly enhance their safety at work and deter would be aggressors.

Lets be honest, no one wants to get tased!

RIP Andrew Harper...

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