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  • Mitch William

10 Years

Tory MP's have backed a bill that would see perpetrators vandalising War Memorials receive a maximum sentence of 10 years. It sounds harsh and it is harsh. Because it's supposed to be.

The Metro:

Protesters who damage war memorials could face ten years in jail under possible new laws, after the Cenotaph and a statue of Winston Churchill were boarded up amid fears that they could be targeted by demonstrators. 

The British Armed Forces, fought fascism and by doing so, secured the rights that we enjoy today. The right to free speech and the right to protest. Half the protesters are that stupid, they do not even realise, care or understand that.

Some argue, that we do not need a specific new law, as criminal damage already carries a maximum sentence of 10 years. But, out of respect for the fallen troops, I think a specific law is fitting.

The new law will be controversial to some and music to others. Having a specific law, should highlight the importance of these memorials, if that's not enough, then happy 10 years!

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